What is one of the main problems associated with imported products bought from large retailers or online?

The answer is simple: after-sales assistance and support is often difficult to contact or even non-existent. You could buy a product with excellent value for money and then, after a few years, having to throw it away because there is no dedicated assistance or it is impossible to find spare parts. The result? Throwing away a product which you have paid for and which could still work. What if you find someone to repair these products? Even then, finding spare parts would still be a problem.

What is our strength? What sets us apart from others?
Our customer service!

We have the entire range of spare parts available for our products and a competent, organised and fast service.
Our service does not stop here: we ship the spare parts needed to your home (also to your trusted mechanic if necessary) and we can also collect the product from your home for assistance and warranty.
So, choosing Royal Food means:

  • Spare parts always available and easy to obtain
  • After-sales assistance for any technical problem
  • Home pick up of the products to be serviced
  • 2-year warranty coverage
  • A workshop staff very familiar with the product, performing fast and effective repairs

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